The 14 Most Common Mistakes IT Departments Make

Mistake No. 1: Projects lack the right resources with the right skills.

Mistake No. 2: Projects lack experienced project managers.

Mistake No. 3: IT doesn’t follow a standard, repeatable project management process.

Mistake No. 4: IT gets hamstrung by too much process.

Mistake No. 5: They don’t track changes to the scope of the project.

Mistake No. 6: They lack up-to-date data about the status of projects.

Mistake No. 7: They ignore problems.

Mistake No. 8: They don’t take the time to define the scope of a project.

Mistake No. 9: They fail to see the dependencies between projects.

Mistake No. 10: They don’t consider Murphy’s Law.

Mistake No. 11: They give short shrift to change management.

Mistake No. 12: Project schedules are incomplete.

Mistake No. 13: IT doesn’t push back on unreasonable deadlines.

Mistake No. 14: They don’t communicate well with project sponsors and stakeholders.

– Meridith Levinson, CIO

July 23, 2008

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