Virtual Updates 2024-05-27

VMware (Broadcom) offers Workstation & Fusion Pro for free
Never expected that!
Free for personal use….commercial use still requires a license.
Great for us at home using Workstation/Fusion!
VMware Blog post is here.
New to Broadcom download page….here’s a guide.

Nutanix .NEXT 2024
…just wrapped up.
Jump to the bottom of this post to see all the hubub….Or…
Here are many of the links to PDFs…
Nutanix and NVIDIA Collaborate to Accelerate Enterprise AI Adoption
Nutanix Adds Power Monitoring to Help Customers Track Sustainability Progress
Nutanix Accelerates Hypervisor Innovation to Drive Enterprise Modernization
Nutanix and Dell Technologies Collaborate on New Joint Solutions for Hybrid Multicloud
Nutanix Simplifies Management and Operations of Kubernetes Clusters Anywhere to Speed Innovation
Nutanix Accelerates Enterprise Adoption of Generative AI
Nutanix and EDB Partner to Deliver a Modern Data Platform

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Virtual Upates 2024-05-13

VMware on AWS – up in the air?….nope. On solid Ground
So been hearing rumblings that VMC on AWS may no longer be available.
This has no bearing on running the GCP or Azure offerings….just AWS.
VMC on AWS is still there, it is just transacted differently.
Here are some articles I’ve seen the past 2 weeks…
AWS Post, trying to get you to go native AWS services (of course.)
CRN’s take on it.
Broadcom post

VMware (eases) changes & deadlines for CSPs
Maybe the original deadlines were too aggressive…
The Register post is here.

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Virtual Updates 2024-03-04

Robotics Summit & Expo in Boston
In Boston for May 1-2 (Wed & Thursday)?
Sign up for the Robotics Summit & Expo!

VMware sells its EUC business
Sold to KKR at auction.
No mention of VMware Workstation/Fusion.
Let’s see what happens now….
KKR News post is here.
VMware Blog post is here.
Reuters article is here.

vSphere 8.0 Update 2b released
Been just about 6 months since Update 2a….
Not overly impressed with the release notes.
Did the upgrade a few times in the lab….all flawless….
Deployed net new….all good.
vCenter Release Notes are here.
ESXi Release Notes are here.

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