Virtual Updates 2024-04-01

Windows Server March Update breaks Domain Controllers
If you applied the latest updates, you are susceptible.
Fix is in the post below.
BleepingComputer blog post is here.

vCenter 8.0.2 Update 2c released
Lots of little fixes…
2 x Upgrades & 1 x new deploy….looking good.
vCenter Release Notes are here.

VMware Live Recovery – another service
there are quite a few DR options from VMware…
VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery, VMware Ransomware Recovery, & VMware Site Recovery Manager.
Now add VMware Live Recovery.
VMware Blog post is here.

vSAN ESA – Oracle Workload Performance
Well, if it is good enough for Oracle, probably good for most workloads.
This blog is an exercise to showcase the performance advantages of using
vSAN 8 vSAN Express Storage Architecture (ESA)
for business-critical production Oracle workloads
VMware Blog post is here.

WS1 admin guide for Intune – Part 1 & 2
Jon is doing a 4 part series on this topic.
Here is the first in his 4 part series….
Here is the second in his 4 part series

XenServer – back again…3 x Nodes free?
Got this from one of my WEI team members….
With the history of XenServer (and Citrix XenServer) …
not sure this will be a great idea…
Given that Citrix XenServer is end of life June 25th….
Still, folks will be asking about it, so putting it out here.
Check out this post from The Register here.

vBrownBag – not at VMware Explore this year
“Broadcom’s changes to the VMware partner and events programs have left vBrownBag without sufficient sponsors this year.”
vBrownBag post is here.

Splunk acquired by Cisco
Splunk post is here.

Veeam Instant Recovery to AHV
Support for Instant Recovery was added with the release of
Nutanix AOS 6.0 STS and AOS 6.5 LTS.
Long post, but it is required with all the topics around this.
Blog post is here.

Nutanix Visio Stencils updated
Updated in Dec 2023 (I missed this release….)
VisioCafe link here.

Nutanix Cert, NCM/X-MCI prep
NCM-MCI – Nutanix Certified Master – Multi-Cloud Infrastructure
NCX-MCI – Nutanix Certified Expert – Multi-Cloud Infrastructure
Just took this exam, and wish I had these notes.
Also, someone at Nutanix Global Tech Summit gave me advice…
Be aware that Adobe Acrobat Reader can “search” a whole folder of PDF files in 1 step (from within Adobe Acrobat Reader).
Without that advice, I don’t think I would have passed.
Check out this additional post, with tips & tricks for NCM-MCI exam.
(Plus…they call out 2 x book of mine from the IT Architect Series!!!!)

Nutanix NC2 (AWS & Azure) Training & Certification
Been doing these solutions more often now.
New NCP certifications have been created for these solutions…
NCP-CI AWS – Nutanix Certified Professional Cloud Integration AWS
NCP-CI Azure – Nutanix Certified Professional Cloud Integration Azure
Right now, there are also some vouchers for these exams…
aluciani post is here.

Continuing Education – a list of resources that come with references
(of people who have used those sites & are happy with the results).
Free Learning – GitHub Repo
HashiCorp Learn
Nutanix .NEXT – May 21 – 23 (Barcelona, Spain)
Nutanix University
VeeamOn – June 3-5 (Fort Lauderdale, FL and online)
VMware Customer Connect Learning
VMware Hands On Labs
VMware Explore 2024 – August 26-29 (Las Vegas, NV – Venetian Hotel)
VMware Explore 2023 Sessions (William Lam’s easier to search list version)
VMware Explore VMTN Sessions (vBrownBag)
VCDX Mentoring Series