Virtual Updates 2023-03-20

VMware Horizon View 7 – end of support
…is coming very soon.
If you are still running it, be aware end of support is:
April 30, 2023
VMware Blog post highlighting this is here.

vSphere (and vSAN) 8.0 Update 1
Coming very soon.
Okta support for iDP!!!!
vSphere Configuration Profiles!!! (DSC for Image based clusters)
Skyline Health Diagnostics built into vCenter (probably a larger download).
VMware Blog post on vSphere 8 Update 1 is here.
VMware Blog post on vSAN 8 Update 1 is here.

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Virtual Updates 2023-03-06

Latest Microsoft Patch can leave VMs unbootable
Just ran across this myself in the lab I teach vSphere Workshops.
All of the Windows VMs are Windows Server 2022.
I patched them all and rebooted the VMs during the patching (as normal).
After shutting them all down to do a backup (yes, that’s my process for the lab), I completed the backup.
Powering on the VMs left me with a message
“Windows Boot Manager…Security Violation”
I could get them to boot, but I had to disable Secure Boot in the Boot Options section of the VM’s settings.
Wouldn’t you know it, it’s a problem with ESX 6.7 or 7.0.
ESXi 8.0 is unaffected.
Resolution is to upgrade ESXi 7.0 to Update 3k (released Feb 21).
Which means I updated my vCenter first.
Once updated to ESXi 7.0 Update 3k, Windows 2022 booted up just fine.
VMware KB 90947 is here.

More Ransomware for ESXi…
…and here is CISA’s guidance on ESXiArgs

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Virtual Updates 2023-02-20

Another round of ESXi ransomware
Brought up by one of the WEI team members….
Please make sure you are patched, and if you expose your ESXi hosts on the internet, please stop!
Blog Post is here.

Oracle Java Pricing changes – Major Cost Implications
Medium size businesses with small Java footprint – 1,400% increase
Medium size businesses with medium Java footprint – 105% increase
Read more to see what this entails…
House of Brick post is here.
Reach out to us at WEI….we are working with HOB on this with customers.

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Virtual Updates 2023-01-23

ESXi TPM Encryption Recovery Keys – Backup via PowerCLI
Deploying ESXi 7.x or 8.x hosts that have TPM 2.0 devices?
MIGHT want to take a look at this PowerCLI script to backup those keys…
Grab that script, and give it a go (be sure to add an Export-CSV command to the end of it).
Post by Steven Bright is here.

ESXi Server Hardening
Security is coming to the forefront of most designs nowadays.
The official Securing ESXi Hosts (vSphere 8.0 Docs) is a short 462 page read, as of the December 2022 update.
While many things are called out in the vSphere Hardening Guide, never hurts to view the documentation along with it (and grab a PDF copy for a point in time reference) to document your decisions.

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Virtual Updates 2023-01-09

VMware End of Support – this year’s countdown
While the official Product Lifecycle Matrix ( is still here,
I love when others post it with a countdown on it.
vCenter 7 has 814 days left of support (April 2 2025).
Horizon 7 in April this year
SRM 8.5 in April this year.
vRA 8.8.1 in June this year.
Lots of other software listed here….
Time to plan your updates for this year, team!

VMware Explore 2023 US
Las Vegas, NV
Venetian Hotel
Aug 21-24
Here’s the link.

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Virtual Updates 2022-12-26

vSphere 7 End of support
Didn’t we just have this conversation about vSphere 6?
Just doing some digging, and found that vSphere 7 end of support date is:
April 2, 2025.
2 years, 3 months folks!

VMware Explore (VMworld) no longer in San Francisco
Well, I am sure a lot of people will be happy this will no longer be in SFO.
Las Vegas is the probable location, which means Mandalay Bay is also probable.
Found this BizJournals article noting this.

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Virtual Updates 2022-12-12

Broadcom Open Letter to VMUG Community
4 page press release, 2 pages which are disclaimers.
Still, Broadcom pledges that the VMUG community created by VMware Users will be important to them after the acquisition finishes…
Direct link to the PDF is here.

Not sure about DPUs (SmartNICs)?
This short article is well written, and it keeps it simple.
What impact does a DPU have on your vSphere infrastructure?
Note the reduction in CPU utilization comments…
Remember, DPUs need vSphere 8….
Plus, there is an NVIDIA lab linked here.

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