Virtual Updates 2024-07-01

VMware Explore Content Catalog is live
….this isn’t the scheduler…
Best thing to do is take a look, and mark you “favorite sessions”
This way, when the scheduler is released….makes building your schedule easy
Content Catalog link is here.

Critical vCenter patch!
Any vCenter 7.x or 8.x version needs an update!
VMware (Broadcom) page is here.

vSphere 8.0 Update 3 released
Did multiple upgrades and net new deploys.
All looks good!
A redesign of vCLS to Embedded vCLS….down to 2 x vCLS per cluster.
Memory Tiering….
Partial Maintenance Mode
vCenter Release Notes are here.
ESXi Release Notes are here.
.What’s New in 8.0 Update3 on Cloud Platform Tech Zone.

vSphere with Tanzu is now “vSphere IaaS Control Plane”
Another name change….
In addition, there are some changes to the Tanzu Platform…
vSphere IaaS control plane, formerly known as vSphere with Tanzu
What’s New in 8.0 Update 3 for vSphere IaaS control plane?

vSAN Data Protection screen missing?
Yup, once you go to vSphere 8.0 Update 3…..
What’s the fix?….
Right from Duncan Epping’s latest post….
“You will need to deploy an appliance in order for this functionality to appear in the UI. The appliance can be found under “Drivers and Tools” under the vSphere Hypervisor download (Which is under VMware vSphere), it is called VMware vSAN Snapshot Service Appliance.”
Another appliance to deploy? yup. DNS entries need to be there.
Certs need to be dealt with….
Found a blog post that goes over the “what’s new in vSAN” nicely….
William Lam posted a quick snippet on how to easily get the cert of your vCenter via an openssl CLI command…
“echo -n | openssl s_client -connect vcsa.primp-industries.local:443 2>/dev/null | openssl x509”

Comcast & Starlink ink deal for business customers!
Cool….But I’m a fan of Tesla & SpaceX….
Still, satellite based internet works GREAT as primary or backup connectivity.
(always have some sort of backup connectivity)
check out an article on it here.

Laser Printer for home office?
Yes please.
I do not print very often.
Any InkJet printer I’ve had, there were always issues with ink.
Got this Brother LasterJet printer early this year…
Truly recommend it for low cost consistent operations.

Nutanix Software – nicely explained
Right off the Nutanix web site, you can find the software licensing explained nicely….
Greatly simplified!

Nutanix AOS 6.8 & PC 2024.1 – New v4 APIs for
If APIs are your go to tool…
this Nutanix Dev post covers some of the changes in the v4 API.

Nutanix AOS 6.5.6 released
For those that prefer the LTS release train….
Nutanix blog post is here.

Nutanix AOS released
Expect it to show up in LCM sometime soon.
Nutanix blog post is here.

Nutanix Prism Central – deploy on ESXi (non-Nutanix)
Ran across a situation where this is a request.
Never really did this….always deployed Prism Central on Nutanix Platform (whether it was AHV or ESXi hypervisor).
So customer needs Prism Central to run on their existing 3-tiered VMware solution… team ran into issues with the deployment.
Never even aware of this document (that solved the issue for the team).

Continuing Education – a list of resources that come with references
(of people who have used those sites & are happy with the results).
Free Learning – GitHub Repo
Nutanix University
VMware Hands On Labs
VMware Explore 2024 – August 26-29 (Las Vegas, NV – Venetian Hotel)
VMware Explore 2023 Sessions (William Lam’s easier to search list version)
VMware Explore VMTN Sessions (vBrownBag)
VCDX Mentoring Series