Virtual Upates 2024-05-13

VMware on AWS – up in the air?….nope. On solid Ground
So been hearing rumblings that VMC on AWS may no longer be available.
This has no bearing on running the GCP or Azure offerings….just AWS.
VMC on AWS is still there, it is just transacted differently.
Here are some articles I’ve seen the past 2 weeks…
AWS Post, trying to get you to go native AWS services (of course.)
CRN’s take on it.
Broadcom post

VMware (eases) changes & deadlines for CSPs
Maybe the original deadlines were too aggressive…
The Register post is here.

VMware EUC (Horizon WorkspaceONE)
I didn’t create it, just sharing….
this is where all the Horizon & Workspace ONE stuff is now.

Additional Links for Broadcom…
William Lam’s latest post captures it.
Good reference! also has a file you can just import bookmarks from.

VMware Certification Updates – no classes needed for VCP or VCAP!
Short & sweet.
VMware blog post is here.
AngrySysOps’ take on it….

VMware Tanzu TKr – new certificates coming on May 6
You probably already have seen this by now…
If not….I found it on this Reddit post.
How to fix?
Katarina Brookfield posted
Simply Edit the settings of the subscribed Content Library and trust the new certificate after the change.

Matching VMDKs to OS Drive Letters / Mount Points
This came up in coversation again last week.
Have 2 different ways I quickly found that do it….
One from Cody Hosterman.
One from VirtuallySober.

Microsoft Server 2025 – coming soon….
If you want to play with it early, there are ways.
New Forest & Domain modes is just 1 item.
The following link is a long read.
Microsoft’s What’s New In Windows Server 2025 page is here.

Why backup strategies need 3-2-1 planning
First off, being in the cloud does not negate backup & DR planning.
You need to be in another region.
Backing up to the same cloud is good for rapid recovery, but it is a similar situation as “…backing up from my SAN to my SAN”
Not to harp on Google here, but this story shows how having a multi-cloud strategy saved this company when the unthinkable happened….
….all my cloud resources were deleted.

Microsoft Word – Merge Formatting is now the default!
Keeps formatting from the original content that has meaning (bold, underline, list and table structure, etc.) but matches the formatting of the destination content before your cursor (font family, size, color, etc.)
Microsoft post is here.
…now waiting for the Mac version of Word…..

Using Synology for AI? – sure!
Never would have thought to do this on my own.
Ran across Tim Smith’s blog post that covers it.
Seems like an easy way to play with LLMs, right?

Nutanix Playbooks
I’ve always like Nutanix Playbooks.
Repeatable actions right inside the management interface.
More playbooks are available here on Nutanix Dev.

Nutanix GPT-in-a-Box: AOS 6.7 with AHV Design
A NVD (Nutanix Validated Design).
Everything you need to know to roll this out….

Continuing Education – a list of resources that come with references
(of people who have used those sites & are happy with the results).
Free Learning – GitHub Repo
HashiCorp Learn
Nutanix .NEXT – May 21 – 23 (Barcelona, Spain)
Nutanix University
VeeamOn – June 3-5 (Fort Lauderdale, FL and online)
VMware Customer Connect Learning
VMware Hands On Labs
VMware Explore 2024 – August 26-29 (Las Vegas, NV – Venetian Hotel)
VMware Explore 2023 Sessions (William Lam’s easier to search list version)
VMware Explore VMTN Sessions (vBrownBag)
VCDX Mentoring Series