Virtual Update 2019-01-21

VTUG Winter Warmer 2019
I am sure people are looking forward to this event!
Thursday, January 24 2019
Gillette Stadium, 1 Patriot Place, Foxboro, MA
Register Here!B

Operationalizing VMware vSAN – free book
Hopefully this is still available for you all when you read this (it was available for download still the morning I posted).
This 90 pager covers considerations for staff, process, and tools to own the vSAN solution.
Also linked on that page is NSX day 2 operations.
Get them while you can!

GitHub allows free Private Repos
As well as announcing GitHub Enterprise, which combines a few existing products.
I think the move to allow free Private Repos is move I would not have expected after Microsoft purchased GitHub, but it is appreciated (I can imagine many people don’t want their projects public by default).

VMware – Bug or Feature
Came across a VMware KB 65207 that states,
“…removing a VM Folder deletes VMs within it, in the HTML5 client.”
I believe that the simplest way to avoid this, is not to delete VM Folders that have VMs in them, but hey….what do I know.

VMware Resource Pools Revisited – Again!
I have loved this post from Chris Wahl for the past (nearly) 7 years.
7 years later…it still holds true.

vSphere Visio diagram created by PowerCLI
I did not have time to test this, but this looks great!
Vinith wrote this up nicely, and if it works as advertised, could be a really easy way to create a Visio of a running vSphere Infrastructure.
You will need to download some specific VMware stencils (he has the link in there for you).

VMware Horizon View 7.x – Branding the logon page
I can see why someone would do this…so much nicer than just the generic VMware View login page…..
Chris Tucker wrote up nicely detailed instructions in his post, and shows exactly what images live in what directories, and how large any images should be that your replace.
Is is supported to do this?
I have no idea, but I can’t imagine this would impact support at all…..

vRealize Lifecycle Manager & Certificate Management
Certificate replacement is still something I believe most people find to be a tedious, though important, task.
with vRLCM 2.0, you can create, deploy, import, and replace certificates in the web GUI.
While not removing the need to deal with certificates, this post here covers how this is being made easier for the vRealize products being managed by vRLCM.

VMware GAs CAS (Cloud Automation Services)
This was announced at VMworld 2018, and is finally released.
To quote the linked article here: Our cloud automation services make it easy and efficient for IT and developers to get what they need to build and deploy applications. The cloud automation services consist of VMware Cloud AssemblyVMware Service Broker and VMware Code Stream.

AWS FSx for Windows File Services
Nice writeup for how to use the new FSx File Services with Amazon Workspaces.
This covers Roaming Profiles and a Shared Folder for users without a drive mapping.N

Nutanix CVM/AHV & vSphere/vSAN overheads
Josh Odgers had written this nearly 3 years ago.
Josh is a very opinionated individual who works for Nutanix, so he has a bias when discussing this topic.
Even so, Duncan Epping, & Cormac Hogan work for VMware, so posts I reference by them are biased too.
Anyway, had to pull this post up a couple of times this past month so I thought I would share. It will take 10-15 minutes to read it all.

Upcoming Conferences
VTUG Winter Warmer – Foxboro, MA 1/24
VMware Empower (for Partners only) – Atlanta, GA 4/15-4/19
VMware Empower (for Partners only) – Singapore, 4/24-4/26
Nutanix .NEXT – Anaheim, CA 5/7-5/9
Red Hat Summit – Boston, MA 5/7-5/9
VMware Empower (for Partners only) – (location TBD) 5/20-5/23
VMworld 2019 US – San Francisco, CA 8/26-8/29
VMworld 2019 EMEA – Barcelona, Spain 11/4-11/7