Virtual Update 2019-02-18

VMware repeals 2 year recertification requirement
Finally….something I have fought VMware Education against since I heard they were going to implement this.
In short, you take an exam and get certified.
You MUST take another exam within 2 years, or you lose your certification.
Regardless of why they thought this was required, it is now no longer true.
Now, you certs are valid without requiring retesting after the 2 year mark.
Granted, if you are certified as a VCP5, when VCP7 is available, VCP5 doesn’t really hold much value
Read the announcement here.

VMware vSphere 6.0 – End of General Support
It is coming…March 12, 2000.
Feels like we JUST got folks off of 5.5 (which is good, because they are mostly 6.5 or greater now).
If you think that’s OK, End of General Support for:
vSphere 6.5 – November 15, 2021.
vSphere 6.7 – November 15, 2021. (yes, same as vSphere 6.5)
Two-and-one-half years goes by quick… don’t blink!
VMware KB 66977.

VMware Workspace ONE – from some of the best
If you are in the EUC (End User Computing) space, you must have heard the names of Johan van Amersfoot & Brian Madden at some point.
This is a great video that covers what the Workspace ONE solution does, and how it enables the EUC vision from VMware.
This is 1-hour 10-minutes. watch all of it…..
Absolutely worth watching if you are VDI or EUC, EMM, MDM, or have a security focus.

VMware Workspace ONE Trust Network
If you watched the 1 hour video mentioned above, you heard Brian Madden refer to this, currently in beta, offering.
Here is a link to main VMware page outlining the Trust Network.
There are already data sheets and Hands on Labs linked here….

VMware Fling – vSAN Hardware Compatability Checker
Have a host running hardware, & want an easy validation that its current hardware is on the VMware vSAN HCL?
This VMware Fling does just that!
Download to your PC, and run the EXE.
All you have to know is the host & the http path to the vSAN HCL (which is listed in the instructions/requirements tabs).

VMware Fling – Onyx
Like using PowerCLI, but sometimes have trouble finding they syntax of an operations? This Fling started five years ago.
I’ve heard through the grapevine that this is now in VMC on AWS in the latest version of the SDDC updates.
Reading between the lines, this means it will get filtered into vCenter soon, and all of us can capture PowerCLI commands as we do tasks in a GUI.

VMware Cloud Foundation 3.5.1
Released during the past week, VMware Cloud Foundation has been updated to version 3.5.1.
It might feel like a maintenance release, but that is OK, as it brings nearly the entire SDDC stack to current software versions released today.
Release notes are here.

VMware PhotonOS 3.0 available
This is the foundation of a few of the VMware Virtual Appliances, and I’m sure more are going to be built on this PhotonOS.
Release notes are here, with a download link, so you can get an ISO, OVA, Amazon AMI, Google GCE, Azure VHD, or the Raspberry Pi3 (project Dimension anyone?).

VMware vSphere for Azure IoT Edge
A post from VMware Office of the CTO announces that Azure supports its IoT Edge on vSphere.
This post has some information regarding the sub-projects that make this possible.

VMware Cloud on AWS – Internet Access 
When people start looking into VMware Cloud on AWS, connectivity back to on prem workloads, as well as connecting the VMware Cloud on AWS to the internet are always topics of discussion. Came across this well written post by Nico Vibert that keeps the explanation simple straightforward.
Given that this covers both VMware and AWS skill, must give kudos to how simple it sounds when reviewing this post.

VMware Workspace ONE – What’s New 1902
A 15 minute video, covering updates to Windows 10, macOS, iOS, Android management, as well as the UEM console.

VMware acquires AetherPal
Something that VMware has offered to its Workspace ONE offering, as an additional add named Advanced Remote Management, this acquisition of AetherPal will fit nicely into the Workspace ONE suite.
Its key feature: Remotely connect to any device in seconds from the Workspace ONE console using any web browser.
Add to that the ability to deal with files, logs, & shadowing / seeing the remote device, and we have a winner!
Read the post here.

Microsoft Windows 10 Disc Image
Want an easy way to download Windows 10, and get the tool to create either a USB or DVD installation media?
Microsoft is making it easy to do so here.
You can download the ISO from any computer, but the Installation Media tool must be downloaded from a Windows PC.

Nutanix Xtract 2.0.3 released
Need to migrate to ESX workloads to AHV? This has been available, but add to that…AWS to AHV (CentOS & RHEL). Pretty cool.
Release notes here. (need to login to Nutanix site for access)
Documentation here. (need to login to Nutanix site for access)

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