Virtual Updates 2019-12-23

VMware Turtles
Anyone who follows VMware on any media, at some point, has probably seen a reference to the VMware Turtles.
Who are they?
Well, they are Turtles (obviously) that live in the ponds at VMware’s corporate campus in Palo Alto, CA.
This past week, VMware Blog has a post about their origins.
Nice light reading for the end of the year!

VMware Skyline Update – 12/2019
For those who don’t know about Skyline….
Free advisor for those with Production Support for vSphere.
Already installed?
If auto-update is on, you’ll get the new features.
If not, update when you can.
VMware Blog post covers the new update.

VMware Tools 11 add Application Discovery
How could 2 weeks go by without William Lam writing something of interest…..
This post on highlights this new feature.
Don’t forget, that this only works with VMware Tools 11.
You ARE updating VMware Tools outside of the releases that come with ESXi hosts, right?
VMware Tools 11 release notes.

vSphere 6.7 update 3b – released
Security patches, as well as other fixes around converge tool, networking with opaque networks, and other general fixes.
I’d browse through the release notes….there are just so many notations in both.
Release Notes are here for vCenter.
Release notes are here for ESXi.

Horizon View 7.11 – released
Part of the 12/12/2019 release.
Lots & Lots of notes. This one took quite a while to review the release notes….
12,000 sessions per Pod.
Auto-switching between Blast codec & Adaptive.
Admin Console is HTML5 with 100% parity (now default at /admin/)
Help Desk tool visible in Admin Console.
Release Notes are here.

VMware DEM (Dynamic Update Manager – old UEM) – 9.10
Part of the 12/12/2019 Horizon View release.
Release Notes are here.

VMware Unified Access Gateway 3.8 released
Part of the 12/12/2019 Horizon View release.
Release Notes are here.

VMware Horizon Blast Optimization Guide
Anyone who has VDI has been involved and seen the thought that goes into designing, implementing, and operating a successful VDI solution.
VMware Tech Zone has recently put in place a Blast Optimization Guide.
Given that it takes 30-60 minutes to read, it reminds me of how VDI is the combination of many components to deliver a desktop to an end user.
…and this one guide covers ONLY the delivery of the VDI desktop to the end user. Just think of how much time goes into the whole of a VDI solution.

vROPs 8.0.1 released
vROPs is getting better with each release.
Even though 1 of my 2 lab environments had a minor cosmetic issue (when using the troubleshooting dashboard, portlets were out of numerical sequence), it was a painless upgrade.
Release Notes are here.

vROPs – Identify Zombie VMs
Use vROPs?
Want a Dashboard that shows Zombie VMs?
This post by Graham Barker covers how he built the dashboard, criteria for Zombie VMs, where to find the dashboard he built, and how to install it.

VMware Remote Console – in the App Stores
Finally….I’ll stop being bugged to update this all the time….
VMware has moved these into the App Store for MacOS.
Can’t seem to find a Windows App Store release, but for us Mac users, this is one nice to have feature…

VMware NSX-T 2.5.1 Released
Many of us see the writing on the wall (NSX-T will win, & V will deprecate).
NSX-T has recently been updated.
Standing out in the release notes….Edge VMs can now be vMotioned.
Have 30 minutes? read the release notes.
Release notes are here.

VMware NSX-T Container Plugin
Complimenting the 2.5.1 release of NSX-T, an updated plugin.
I see this as preparations for Project Pacific in the upcoming release of vSphere.
More and more towards NSX-T vs NSX-V.
Release Notes are here.

NVIDIA vGPU v10 Update
If you use NVIDIA for any reason, staying up to date is critical.
This recent release has its documentation here.
Why be concerned?
Depends on what you are using it for.
the documentation is great starting point.

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