Virtual Updates 2020-02-03

Microsoft LDAP Changes…cont
This is an important one, and it was first highlighted here 2 weeks ago.
The VMware Blog post highlighting this is here.
so I’ve done some of the changes recommended…

vSphere Certificates Expiry
Short version?
VMware electronically signs software release as they come out.
Software released recently have had 2 certificates….an old and a new.
The old certificate expires 12/31/2019
The new certificate expires 6/2037
This impacts your upgrade path, and given that there is still quite a bit of vSphere 6.0 out there about to be upgraded, you may hit this snag.
This means to go from vSphere 6.0 to 6.7, you may have to do a multiple-step upgrade, even though you can infer that an inlace upgrade is supported.
VMware Blog post is here.

VMware Horizon with VMware Advanced Load Balancer
VMware has made a lot of acquisitions recently, one of those being
Avi Networks, which is a cloud based solution for Load Balancers.
So…. LBaaS?
Cloud based solution that can handle on-prem, as well as cloud workloads for managing and handling the VIP our load balancers usually deal with.
This VMware Blog post covers using the (Avi) Load Balancer with the Horizon View solution, and in just a few minutes, you get why this is cool.

VMware Acquire Nyansa
I never heard of them, but as I read the release I get the purchase.
AI based analytics.
I can see how this could enhance things like Network Insight, SD-WAN, or even vROPs.
VMware News Release here.

VMware Fusion – now with Native Container & Kubernetes
I don’t often get excited around the desktop products (VMware Workstation and VMware Fusion), but this should be useful.
Granted, not yet released, but for development efforts, should make life easier for some people.
Hmmmm….given that VMware Workstation has an upcoming release….would I expect these features there as well?
A Product Information page about the upcoming release.

VMware Flings worth Noting
VMware OS Optimization Tool got updated again, read the change log.
Lots of things were updated.

Usable HCI Capacity – Nutanix vs vSAN
Josh Odgers wrote up a great post.
Granted, his bias is towards Nutanix.
Still, I think it is a great post, as it covers the differences between the two HCI solutions.
Usable space/capacity is still something we all need to think about.

Dedupe & Compression – Nutanix vs vSAN
Josh Odgers wrote up another great post.
Granted, his bias is towards Nutanix.
Still, I think it is a great post, as it covers the differences between the two HCI solutions.
Never thought about some of these points.

Nutanix Era – calculating TCO in DBaaS
Angelo Luciani has just posted a nice summary of TCO in DBaaS.
Its about a 10 minute read.
I like it, as it brings some of the time, cost, maintenance, and other costs associated with databases into consideration.
Just like how virtualization made it easier to own servers (well, VMs, not the servers….), this has potential for making DBAs lives easier.
Just think AWS’ offering of RDS and such….its not a new approach.

Chrome OS – trying it out on VMWare (ESXi, Workstation, or Fusion)
Ever want to try out ChromeOS?
Now it is an OVA file.
This post by Ben Stockton has the links to the OVA you need, so you can fire it up as a VM on any of the VMware offerings.

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