Virtual Updates 2020-04-27

VMware finally has Remote Testing!
Well, its announced, and available since 4/20 (huh huh).
VMware Blog post here.

GitHub for Teams if now free?
Yup. GitHub post about it here.
Yes, premium features still cost money, but they cut the pricing too.
Not what I expected ….

VMware Tanzu – more releases….
So Tanzu itself is not a product.
Just like vRealize is not a product…it is a set of products with a common brand
That is Tanzu…..many products under a common brand.
Tanzu Application Services has been released.
Tanzu Build Service has been released.
Tanzu Kubernetes Grid has been released.
Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Integrated Edition (formerly known as VMware Enterprise PKS) 1.7 is now generally available.
Read more at VMware Tanzu site.

vSphere 7, Kubernetes, & Tanzu Collection of Posts – week of release
Essentially….posts I still need to read over the next two weeks….
Mike Foley’s post Intro to vSphere Pod Service

Deploying Tanzu Kuberenets Grid Management Clusters

4-part Cormac Hogan Building TKG Cluster in vSphere with Kubernetes
Also, his Deploy a TKG in vSphere with Kubernetes video

David Stamen’s Deploying vSphere with Kubernetes

Managing Kubernetes at scale – Tanzu Mission Control

William Lam’s Automated vSphere 7 with Kubernetes Lab deploy script

William Lam’s Useful Terminal & UI Tools for Kubernetes

Chip Zoller’s Getting Started with Tanzu Kubernetes Grid

VMware Blog post on Declarative GitOps Delivery for Tanzu Kubernetes clusters.

VMware Tanzu Blog post on Tanzu Service Mesh & Global Namespaces (with Service Mesh for Dummies download, written by good friends of mine).

VMware YouTube video, Persistent Storage in vSphere with Kubernetes
3 minutes, & shows how to create/manage Persistent Volumes
Short, sweet, & assumes you have Kubernetes up & running.

VMware vROPs 8.1 released
Funny….but getting into discussion around…
is it vROPs or vROps?
OK, so …. obviously vSphere 7 support, new costing mechanics, system now ranks alerts, Slack support….it goes on.
VMware Blog post here.
Release notes are here.

VMware vRealize Log Insight 8.1 released
Now scales up to 18 nodes!
Much better integration with vROPs 8.1
URL dashboard sharing (just like vROPs)
VMware Blog post here.
VMware Blog post on VM Pricing
Release Notes are here.

vRealize Network Insight 5.2 released
Obviously has support for vSphere 7.
Integration via Management Pack into vROPs.
NSX-T 3.0 support,
Release Notes are here.

vRealize Automation 8.1 released
Quite a few here….
VMware Blog post on what’s new.
VMware Blog post on what’s new in Orchestrator 8.1
VMware Blog post on vRA Approval Policies
VMware Blog post on vRA MultiTenancy
VMware Blog post on Resource Actions
VMware Blog post on VM Pricing

VCF (VMware Cloud Foundation) 4.0 released.
VMware Blog post is here.
Release notes are here.

Ubuntu 20.04 LTS released
Desktop & Server releases, supported till 2025.
Release notes & download links are here.

Upcoming Conferences
VMware Empower (partner only) – Virtual! 5/27
Red Hat Summit – Virtual! TBD
Dell Technologies World 2020 – Virtual! TBD
Cisco Live! – Virtual! 6/2 – 6/3
VeeamOn – Virtual! 6/17-6/18
HPE Discover – Virtual! TBD
Nutanix .NEXT – Virtual! 6/29 – 7/2
Microsoft Inspire – Virtual! TBD
VMworld 2020 – Virtual! 9/28-9/31