Virtual Updates 2020-07-20

VMworld Registration & Content Catalog – now live
VMware is holding 1 event this year for VMworld.
Registration is free.
There is a paid option for a couple of perks.
The content catalog (sessions list) is now available.

vSphere with Kubernetes – for evaluation?
William Lam, a pretty good source, lays it out for us.
His recent blog post will help a lot.
Customers want to skip the NSX-T piece, and just use Calico for the networking part of the vSphere with Kubernetes deployment.
Can’t …. (Just ask William Lam).
vSphere w/K8s requires NSX-T ….

vSphere 7 Performance Best Practices
The PDF is now available!
(since May 29th…..missed it)
VMware Blog Post is here.

Tanzu – a bunch of stuff
vSphere7 with Kubernetes Network Service – 2 parts
TKG on vSphere via CLI – Cormac Hogan

VMware has new VCP & VCAP for NSX
The VCP-NV 2020 is based on NSX-T 3.0
The VCAP-NV Design 2020 is also based on NSX-T 3.0
Now available to sit for these exams.
Remember …. you can take exams remotely now to!

VMware Skyline 2.5 available
VMware Skyline just got updated.
Now with NSX-T support!
Release Notes are here.

VMware vROPs 8.1.1 now available
Looks to be just some bug fixes / security updates.
Release Notes are here.

VMware NSX-V 6.4.7 now available
A list of bug fixes, some changed behavior, and some new functionality.
Read the release notes before upgrading, as there are specific version call outs.
Release Notes are here.

VMware vRNI 5.3 released
I’d read both of the notes below, as they talk about different pieces.
Release Notes are here.
VMware Blog Post is here.

VMware App Volumes 4-2006 now available
Yes, they changed the version to the YYMM format that lots of folks are moving towards…..
Handful of enhancements, but I noted the Rolling Upgrade enhancement…
Being able to update App Volumes servers while the others remain online….
Release Notes are here.

VMware Workspace ONE & Horizon Reference Architecture
Got an update!
VMware Blog post is here.
Reference Architecture link is here.

vSphere Bitfusion now available
Not to be confused with Bitnami (the application catalog).
Bitfusion is about GPU and remote sharing of those resources.
VMware Blog post is here.

VVD (VMware Validated Design) updated to 6.0.1
Now with vSphere 7 support.
Product Documentation is here.

Veeam releases VAO 3.0
Veeam Availability Orchestrator 3.0 just got released.
Just noted that this AM before I sent this off, so didn’t read much into it.
This is the DR workflow automation tool offered by Veeam

HPE MSA Array Health Check Tool
There is no cost for using this online tool.
If you use (or support) any HPE MSA arrays, this should be handy.
Found this via this blog post, showing how it works.
You can access the tool here.

Nutanix NCP is now NCP-MCI
Nutanix is renaming the NCP, as well as adding a few others NCP designations.
NCP-MCI (Multi Cloud Infrastructure) replace what was generically the NCP.
Right now, it is current / updated to reflect AOS 5.15.
Nutanix Community Blog post is here.

Nutanix Calm – take a test drive
Calm is the automation / lifecycle manager from Nutanix.
You can use Nutanix Test Drive to give it a spin, so you don’t have to enable your production environment, just to kick the tires with it.
Also…Angelo Luciani had a post about items to focus on during your Test Drive.
Nothing stopping you from learning new tech….

Nutanix Microsegmentation with Palo Alto?
Now possible.
Nutanix AHV running Nutanix Flow can utilize Palo Alto Next Gen Firewall!

Nutanix Mine with Veeam – deploy
Wonder what it takes to deploy ?
Nutanix Mine with Veeam v2 Deployment video by Nutanix University has you covered.
It’s a 6 minute video of the full deploy and configure of this solution.

Upcoming Conferences
Nutanix .NEXT – irtual! 9/8 – 9/10
Microsoft Inspire – Virtual! TBD
VMworld 2020 – Virtual! 9/28-9/31