Virtual Updates 2020-09-07

Such a quiet two weeks.
Given I focus a lot on VMware & Nutanix, and the conferences coming up…no surprise there. I expect that to change as these conferences get held this month.

Nutanix .NEXT is this week!
Nutanix .NEXT registration is also free!
Jump in, and spend Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday of this week.
(Thursday is Partner Exchange, meaning for Partners of Nutanix)

VMworld is 3 weeks away!!!
….and it is free as well!
(there is a Premier Pass, which gets you access to a few additional talks).
Get registered here.

Make SURE you have reserved a host for HA
Duncan Epping covers a topic that is important.
Ever had a vSphere HA event (losing a host) effect VM performance?
Probably your own fault.
You never changed this value to 0%
Sounds backwards, but watch this 1 minute video on how to guarantee the performance your cluster was designed for.

Why staying WITHIN a NUMA boundary is important
Frank Denneman recently put a tweet out.
Please take a few seconds to look at it.
Covers the timing differences between accessing local & remote memory that crosses the NUMA boundary.
Intel & AMD references.

vCenter 7.0 D released
Fixes a high CPU utilization in vCenter 7.0 c.
Release Notes are here.

VMware App Volumes 2.18.6 released
Haven’t made the jump to App Volumes 4 yet?
This maintenance release might be important to you….
Release notes are here.

VMware Horizon Update – a walkthrough of the update process
This one is from VMware Tech Zone.
I’m really surprised how much detail is in this, including the considerations for managing users profiles (which is such an important often overlooked part).
Not a short read, but covers the upgrade to Horizon 8 pretty well.

VMware Flings of Note
OS Optimization Tool – updated again!
App Volumes Entitlement Sync – additional enhancements for App Volumes 4

Patch Compliance Report – VMware & Windows OS
Came across this and thought it useful.
A PowerShell script that spits out a report of patch compliance on your VMware hosts (via Update Manager) as well as your Windows systems (that are registered to WSUS).
I wonder how this will work when we transition our VMware Clusters to use Image based management instead of Baselines & patches….

Nutanix AOS & Prism Central 5.18 released
Support for vSphere 7.
Nutanix Files centralized in Prism Central.
OVA support in Prism Central.
Magnus Andersson put together a nice list of many of the updates & links to all the supporting documentation.

Nutanix Foundation Central
Want to see what it is like to run/deploy new hosts (….again….even at remote sites…) using the recently released Nutanix Foundation Central?
This 3 minute YouTube video has you covered!

Nutanix Certified for SAP HANA Scale-Out BWH
Another SAP certification for Nutanix.
Pretty cool, when you look at the size of VMs running.
Michael Webster’s post is here.

Windows Login – what is actually going on?
Ever wonder? probably not.
Found this post (that seems legit….its on Twitter so it must be true)
Covers some of the nuances that happen when you login to Windows….
Lengthy explanation, but kinda fun to read.

Upcoming Conferences
Nutanix .NEXT – virtual! 9/8 – 9/10
VMworld 2020 – Virtual! 9/28-9/31