Virtual Updates 2020-10-19

This post is a bit light….
Spent a lot of time reviewing vSphere 7 Update 1, and updating my documentation around it. Validating upgrades, installs, and prepping for getting vSphere with Tanzu going on a vDS.
Then ESXi on ARM was released….another source of my time drain these past 2 weeks….and I haven’t even installed it yet!

vSphere 7 Update 1 Released!!!
Now that SP1 has been released….
vSphere with Tanzu (the new naming) is now available….and you DON’T need to run VMware VCF to get it. Short VMware Blog Post here highlighting how to get the eval license key….Here is a link to the getting started docs for Tanzu.
Don’t forget that you now need to be aware of vCLS (Blog Post).
…More on the vCLS from Duncan Epping on his blog.
VMware Blog post is here.
vCenter Release Notes are here.
ESXi Release Notes are here.

ESXi on ARM – VMware Fling
Flings usually get thrown in the bottom of the page each post.
This one….this is cool.
I can now take my Raspberry Pi 4 systems, and install ESXi on them.
The use cases? Quite a few. Folks have already been making vSAN Witness hosts for their 2 node vSAN clusters.
Read up on the ESXi on ARM fling, via VirtuallyGhetto, or VMware Blog.
Get to the fling easily here.
Here is the first walkthrough install post I found.

ESXi on Raspberry Pi
This is my collection of blogs from the past week….
This is really exciting for a lot of the community, and I’m just waiting on receiving some new Raspberry Pis to try this out.
Many of these below are William Lam’s…..
BOM for Raspberry Pi ESXi-ARM.
Raspberry Pi UEFI, USB drives required, and how to utilize
Install ESXi-ARM on Raspberry Pi – step by step
How to run Raspberry Pi OS as a VM on ESXi-ARM.
VMware Tools on Raspberry Pi OS on ESXi-ARM

vSphere with Tanzu – vDS Networking
vSphere with Tanzu technically does require NSX-T do go full steam ahead.
What if you want to just kick the tires though?
With vSphere 7.0 Update 1, it is now possible.
Here is a walkthrough of the basic setup requirements.
VMware Blog post is here.

VMware PowerCLI updated to 12.1
New vLCM cmdlets.
Workload (Kubernetes) cluster cmdlets.
Update-Module -name VMware.PowerCLI
VMware Blog post is here.

VMware TKG 1.2 released!
VMware TKG (Tanzu Kuberenetes Grid) 1.2 recently released.
New features, and some new considerations if coming from other versions.
Release Notes are here.

vROPs 8.2 Released!!!
The big item of note?
Full Kubernetes visualization & support.
vRNI (vRealize Network Insight) integration!
AWS, Azure, a PING adapter,…and so much more!
VMware Blog post is here.

vRA 8.2 Released!!!
Both the on-prem and Cloud Service have been updated.
A whole slew of modern datacenter features….Kubernetes Self Service, Terraform, Infrastructure as Code….
Should be fun to see this consumed…
VMware Blog post is here.

vRLCM 8.2 released!!!
Managing your vSphere / vRealize stack with vRLCM?
You’ll be happy for some of the enhancements in the 8.2 vRLCM release.
VMware Blog post is here.

PowerCLI Module for SSO Managment
From none other than William Lam….
This new module has some of the useful features that you want to automate as you stand up, and maintain, your vSphere SSO domain.