Virtual Updates 2021-02-22

VCP’s and VCAP’s around the World
VMware Blog Post about it (super short).
VMware PDF for VCP
VMware PDF for VCAP

VCDX’s around the World
While VMware published the above VCP & VCAP breakdown, Michael Voigt published a breakdown of VCDX’s worldwide.
1/3 work for VMware
1/3 work for other OEMs (Cisco, AWS, Google, Nutanix, etc).
That only leave 1/3 working at VARs/Resellers where customers can get those designs from certified experts that focus on business requirements & outcomes.
Check out his post / breakdown of VCDX here.
…. only 0.08% of VMware certified individuals are VCDX…..

vCenter Versions & Build #s
I wish the folks at VMware would make it easier to figure out which build / version # you have installed.
Not a fan of looking up my build# (i.e. 17327517) to see which Update version of vCenter that I have installed (7.0.1 update 1c if you need to know).
Perhaps someday, VMware will make it easier.
In the meantime, the KB article covering what build is what version.

VMware Horizon Licensing Update
Pilfered right from the blog post….
“…announcing the end of availability of new perpetual Horizon licenses, effective May 6th, 2021.”
Just be ready…please share this with Horizon consumers….
VMware Blog post is here.
Direct link to the Horizon Subscription Feature Comparison PDF here.

vSAN – migrate a cluster from Hybrid to All Flash
Marco van Baggum recently did a project where he took a vSAN Cluster, which is hybrid, and converted it to an All Flash vSAN Cluster using new ESXi nodes.
Pretty cool that it seems this simple….
He covers this in his post here.

VCDX Workshop – Feb 26
Prepping for you VCDX?
You might already know about this online workshop this week.
Can’t make it this week?
Here is the calendar of this event for 2021….

Homelab – we have a winner!
Best homelab?
Marc Huppert.
VMware recently highlighted his setup, which is detailed nicely on Marc’s post.
….I wonder what his electric bill is every month….

Nutanix LCM – improvements made!
I’ve always loved the Nutanix One-Click upgrades (I always jest that they are two-click upgrades, as you click upgrade, THEN click OK).
LCM (LifeCycle Manager) has gone through some improvements on BIOS and other hardware firmware.
Nutanix Blog post is here.

Continuing Education – a list of resources that come with references
A Cloud Guru
HashiCorp Learn
Nutanix University
VMware Customer Connect Learning (old VMware Learning Zone)
VMware Hands On Labs