vLCM & Nested ESXi vSAN clusters

Working with Nested ESXi clusters, using vSAN, is a pretty common thing for folks to do in their lab environments.
Easy to reset, provision, and keep a lab going.

One of the nuances I always would run into since vSphere 7 was released, was the new vLCM (vSphere Lifecycle Manager).
When migrating to “Image Based Management” I had problems upgrading my Nested ESXi hosts running vSAN, as a HCL (Hardware Compatibility List) check was done, and no….Paravirtual SCSI adapters are not supported.

I keep saying I would look into this, but since this environment I run gets reset ever couple weeks, never got around to it.
I had a day of downtime recently, and got around to resolving this….

Whenever I would try to update the Image for the cluster, I would get “the host is imcompatible with the image.”
I would then check the Device Compatibility warning, which showed me that the VMware Paravirtual SCSI card was not “supported”.
But I didn’t see an “easy button” that said “This is a home lab…this is OK to bypass”.

The simple answer is to go to the Cluster’s Monitor tab, vSAN section, Skyline Health. Then select SCSI Controller is VMware Certified, & finally, Silence the Alert.

After doing this, you SHOULD be able to then upgrade your Nested vSAN cluster…