Virtual Updates 2020-12-14

WEI offers COVID-19 Screening & Management Solution
I work for WEI, so I have a bias.
Love working at this company, how it takes care of its employees, its community involvement, and how it looks out for its customers.
…and then, how WEI develops solutions when none exist.
Check out the COVID-19 Screening & Management solution announcement.

VMware Horizon View Licensing Change
Right out of the linked post….
“…by transitioning Horizon to subscription licensing and announcing the end of availability of new perpetual Horizon licenses, effective May 6th, 2021.”
Perpetual license support available until 2025.
Time to revisit your Horizon licensing….
VMware EUC Blog post is here.

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Virtual Update 2018-10-29

VMware vSphere 6.7 Update 1 RELEASED!
So many of us have been looking forward to this release.
The full release notes are here.
A fully functional HTML5 client.
Simplified vCenter HA (not the VMware cluster HA)
Easier ways to add multiple hosts to clusters
Easier ways to configure vSAN (not that it was hard before)
Here are a few of my favorite highlights…

vCenter / ESXi Monitor Tab –> Health
This works with the VMware CEIP program.
I mentioned in my last post that CEIP recommendations will be changed to Recommended, but it is up to you.  I think that this new Health section will be absolutely worth it!

GUI Certificate Management for 6.7 Update 1
This has been here since version 6.7 was released, I just happened to find it now.
Anyone like using the CLI Cert Tool?  Didn’t think so.
This appears to be a full replacement for that, in the VAMI GUI.

VCSA Converge Tool.
Want to point move your vCenter from one SSO domain to another?
Finally able to do that!
Have an external PSC that is no longer needed?
Since 6.7, embedded PSC allows for linked mode.
In 6.0 & 6.5, if you wanted linked mode, your PSC needed to be external.
You’ll find this on the 6.7 U1 vCenter ISO, here:

…and my favorite:  A Dark Theme!

here is a list of documentation around the 6.7 Update 1 release
vCenter Release Notes
ESXi Release Notes
vSAN Release Notes

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