Virtual Updates 2020-12-14

WEI offers COVID-19 Screening & Management Solution
I work for WEI, so I have a bias.
Love working at this company, how it takes care of its employees, its community involvement, and how it looks out for its customers.
…and then, how WEI develops solutions when none exist.
Check out the COVID-19 Screening & Management solution announcement.

VMware Horizon View Licensing Change
Right out of the linked post….
“…by transitioning Horizon to subscription licensing and announcing the end of availability of new perpetual Horizon licenses, effective May 6th, 2021.”
Perpetual license support available until 2025.
Time to revisit your Horizon licensing….
VMware EUC Blog post is here.

AWS now offers Macs – & Is Cloud Cheaper?
With AWS Release of offering Macs, I got excited.
Till I saw the price.
This just highlights that Cloud is not cheap, but it DOES offer on-demand.
This article I caught at The Register focused on the cost.
It breaks down that after 77 days, you might as well have bought a Mac mini.
Still….if you only use it for a few days/weeks a year, it breaks out.
Just thought that this was interesting, given how often we hear that public cloud offerings are “always cheaper”.

macOS Workspace ONE training
VMware has some new courseware, free to all WS1 users, to learn about macOS management and application delivery.
VMware Blog post is here.

vRNI – Network Assessment
I came across this post, and thought it would be good to revisit.
Our team at WEI has used vRNI (vRealize Network Insight) to perform Network Assessments. It is a great tool to understand how traffic is moving around your network. This knowledge will help determine your micro segmentation, security groups, firewall rules….even applications and integration to CMDBs.
Need an assessment?
Reach out, and we can get one going with you.

VMware expands TestDrive
VMware has had TestDrive up and running for quite some time.
A great way to get a bit more than what HOL (Hands-On Labs) offers.
With Workspace ONE UEM / Access, vSAN, Horizon View, & Horizon Cloud
Carbon Black & VeloCloud (SD-WAN) have been added to this list as well.
Just recently, they have added NSX Advanced Load Balancer (Avi Networks).
Reach out to your team at WEI to get access to VMware TestDrive, and get access to the software mentioned above!

VMware TKG 1.2.1 released
Now that we have more than 6 months of releases, it looks like the average is an updated or release once a month.
Release notes are here.

VMware Certified Specialist – vSphere with Tanzu
This new specialist badge requires a class.
Details here on the VMware Certification page.

vSphere with Tanzu – Non-Interactive Logins
So while I haven’t yet had the need, I’m sure I’ll run across it soon.
Eric Shanks has a recent post about this, including the commands/scripts to orchestrate non-interactive logins to vSphere so tasks can be automated.

VMware Config Maximums PowerShell Module
Yes, VMware has a website dedicated to each product for configuration maximums.
Dale Coghlan has just released a PowerShell module that can interact with the VMware website, and do a lot of compare/contrast to see what’s really changed.
His configMax module is explained here on his recent post.
Install-Module VMware.CfgMax
Simple to install, but read the post to get a tutorial on how to use this powerful tool.

VMware PowerVCF updated!
Some updates to the VCF (VMware Cloud Foundation) PowerShell module.
Post by Gary Blake, one of the authors of this new module.

VMware SRS (Script Runtime Service) for vSphere
Just released and very much beta at this time.
The goal here is to be able to run PowerCLI in a Kubernetes Pod, and call PowerCLI via REST APIs…..
This will be useful….
Also…the first time I’m seeing VMware release software that can be deployed to Kubernetes as well as a Linux VM.
VMware Blog post is here.

RedHat & CentOS – changes coming….
Many of us knew this was coming…..
CentOS is breaking off from RHEL releases, and moving to streaming.
Here is CentOS’ blog post.
Here is Red Hat’s blog Post.

ControlUp acquires Avacee
This adds additional monitoring and optimization capabilities to the ControlUp software. Should be interesting….
ControlUp Blog post is here.

Salesforce buying Slack
Not a bad way to spend $27 billion.
Salesforce blog post here.
Slack blog post here.

Threat Level Midnight – from The Office
Check it Threat Level Midnight 25 minute YouTube.

New Nutanix President & CEO
Rajiv Ramaswami will be taking over for Dheeraj Pandy today.
Nutanix 1-page announcement here.

Nutanix Insights – Fewer Support Calls, Faster Resolution
Nutanix is proud of their support.
Nutanix Insights (powered by Nutanix Pulse) is how they enhance support to their customers, make support a great experience, and proactively starts a support case for you.
The 3 minute YouTube video is here.

NTC (Nutanix Technical Champion) achieved!
Got my first NTC from Nutanix.
Got a lot of awards from them this year, but NTC is about how you give back, educate, and provide assistance to those that need it…
Angelo’s post announcing NTCs is here!

Continuing Education – a list of resources that come with references
A Cloud Guru
HashiCorp Learn
Nutanix University
VMware Customer Connect Learning (old VMware Learning Zone)
VMware Hands On Labs