Virtual Updates 2020-12-28

vCenter & ESXi – 7.0 Update 1c
Logs of patches included.
Few LCM updates. Cross vCenter vMotion!!!
Release Notes for vCenter are here.
Release Notes for ESXi are here.

Cross vCenter vMotion- now via vCenter!
This has been a VMware Fling for a long time (5 years?).
…and yes, it can migrate between two vCenters in different SSO domains.
Want to learn how it was developed? VirtuallyGhetto cover it here.
Now, available when you start to execute a Migration as the 4th option.

VMware Remote Console 12.0 released
While not a big deal, there are bug fixes…but….
Support for Apple M1 chips.
VM window resizing.
Release Notes are here.

vRA (vRealize Automation) 8.3 adds Property Groups
Adding in support for Metadata (referenced as Constants) or user defined inputs (referenced as Inputs).
This is coming in the release of 8.3 (yes, the cloud offering gets it now, while those running it on-prem must wait for 8.3 release).
VMware Blog post is here.

VMware Carbon Black for Container Security
Figured this was going to happen….
All about getting your security teams into the DevOps workflow.
Supports on-prem vSphere Kubernetes, as well as public cloud offerings of Kubernetes….
VMware Blog post is here.

vRNI (vRealize Network Insight) certified for AVS (Azure VMware Solutions)
That header is a mouthful… but vRNI for AVS does sound much better.
….and both vRNI 6 on-prem or the Cloud offering support this.
Your Azure VMware SDDC and your on-prem SDDC are part of this.
Currently, no native Azure services are supported, but coming in 2021!
VMware Blog post is here.

NSX-T 3.0 Reference Design
Released just last week…..300 + pages of goodness.
Direct link to the PDF is here.

Horizon on Azure Solution Architecture
Found this on TechZone.
While it is part of the Workspace ONE and Horizon Reference Architecture, had so many people asking about this in the past 6 months.
Great reference!s

Horizon Blast Extreme protocol Benefits
Often overlooked are the capabilities of the display protocol during the initial VDI/EUC conversations had.
One of my favorites….”Option to simplify setup, including opening only one port (TCP 443) on front-end firewalls
VMware TechZone post is here.

VMware vSphere Content Library in AWS S3 – coming soon
This will be pretty cool.
Host a Content Library in AWS S3….and have it be a supported solution.
Fling coming next year.
Just remember….network usage charges apply in public clouds…..This won’t be for everyone, but adding that capability will allow for that use case if needed.
VMware OCTO Blog post is here.

vSGX in VMware – how to utilize
Great blog post by Michael Pietroforte
Explains how this gets setup.
Remember …TPM 2.0 hardware is required

Win10 20h2 Update – chkdsk issue
One of my team members pointed this out the other day.
OK, so I don’t imagine many of us do these exact steps, but wow….the ability to decimate a file system by running chkdsk? OUCH.

HashiCorp Certified Terraform Associate 2020 – practice exams
Going for this certification?
Udemy has a bundle of 3 practice exams (171 questions) for $20.
Yes, they have lots more course to offer (not free) as well.

Nutanix Prism Central 2020.11 & AOS 5.19 released
Magnus Anderson posted this week about the new releases.
Just note that the new Flow Networking is NOT production ready….yet.

Continuing Education – a list of resources that come with references
A Cloud Guru
HashiCorp Learn
Nutanix University
VMware Customer Connect Learning (old VMware Learning Zone)
VMware Hands On Labs