Virtual Updates 2019-09-16

VMworld – more follow up
The last update was the Monday following VMworld.
Having had some time to watch some sessions, and do some research, you’ll see that some of the below topics I’ve mentioned before, but am now able to elaborate on, or provide better details / links to follow up with.

VMUG – Boston
The Boston VMUG is 9/25 (Wednesday)
It is at the Boston Westin Hotel 425 Summer St Boston, MA 02210
(this is next to the South Boston Convention Center…same as last year)
Registration is here.
Hope to see you there!

VMUG – Virtual Event
This is about Professional Development.
This is online 9/19 (sorry for the short notice).
I did not see a single technical topic (except may “How to talk to Developers”) as this is all about you & your personal growth.
Registration is here.

vBrownBag – VMworld Tech Talks
There are now posted & live on YouTube.
Here is a link to this playlist covering 67 different topics.
Sessions range from 7-30 minutes in length.

VMware Project Pacific
This will be more of a collection of links, and a SHORT summary.
Remember, Project Pacific is about enabling Kubernetes at the vSphere Cluster object, and providing a Kubernetes Namespace for developers to use natively, while the vSphere admin can see the resources used as normal.
VMware Blog post available here.
Frank Denneman has a nice 5 things to know… post.
William Lam’s take on this addition, and a short & sweet description of it.
Want to see the session from VMworld, Technical Deep Dive on CNS (Cloud Native Storage)? Watch it here.
Want to see the session from VMworld, Introducing Project Pacific – transforming vSphere into the App Platform? Watch it here.

VMware Edge Computing
This is becoming more important, and a requirement.
Today…maybe not for everyone, but I think we’ll all need it at some point.
William Lam had a post on this from a company he caught at VMworld this year (check it out. Hivecell looks awesome!)
Duncan Epping chimed in this same topic in his blog post, summarizing the
Want to see the Edge Computing Innovations session from VMworld? Watch it here.
Want to see the ESXi on Arm session from VMworld? Watch it here.

VMware vSphere DRS 2.0
Us vSphere Admins take DRS for granted.
Yes, it used to only be a reactive movement of VMs.
Recently getting Predictive DRS (via vROPs) was a nice addition.
Now, we are about to see a “VM Happiness” rating.
Details in the post of session below.
Duncan Epping’s post is here.
Want to see the session from VMworld? Watch it here.

VMware HCI Present & Futures
This was a cool session at VMworld.
Large deployments (530 clusters, 12-PB, 80-PB, 100-PB deployments), new hardware (NVMe, NVDIMMs, PMEM) & how they effect vSAN, Cloud Native Storage, and day 2 operations.
Want the summary of the session from Duncan Epping’s viewpoint?
Want to see the session from VMworld? Watch it here.

VMware Cluster Memory
Imagine adding servers to a cluster that are just providing RAM.
(This may or may never see the light of day)
Duncan Epping’s post is here.
Want to see the session from VMworld? Watch it here.

VMware Project Magna
AI & ML for vSphere Self Driving Operations.
Phew….that’s a mouthful. What does it mean?
In short, it means vROPs will do more and more for us based on data it has & with your KPIs (business intent…heavy read or write, or a mixed workload), and will make (& execute) updates/modifications to our infrastructure based on the data it has collected.
Looks like vSAN will get these enhancements first.
Cormac Hogan summarizes it nicely in a blog post.
Want to see the session from VMworld? Watch it here.

VMware TCP Ports
I like this.
Check it out for yourself at
Not every product is listed yet, but I like how it will be super easy to get a list of needed ports in a single place for multiple projects.

VMware vRealize Network Insight Flow Search Poster
VMware makes quite a few vRNI posters.
A search poster with useful queries is the newest edition.
VMware Blog post is here.

VMware vRLCM (vRealize LifeCycle Manager) 8.0
Found some details on this upcoming release.
Given that it included with vRealize Suite (or vCloud Suite for that matter), it would be a shame not to use it.
It covers vRA, vRO (orchestrator), vSphere 6.x, & vROPs.
I would definitely take a look at it.
This VMware blog post covers it.

VMware vRealize Sample Exchange
….also, don’t forget to visit the vROPs Sample Exchange to see some custom dashboards & workflows….

VMware vCloud Foundation 3.8.1 released
VCF can consist of vSphere, vSAN, NSX, Horizon, & vRealize Suite components.
A great way to add resources to your SDDC in an orchestrated and automated way.
Release notes for this new version are here.
Want to look at the Planning & Preparation Guide for VCF? It’s long….

VMware Flings
App Volumes Entitlements Sync was updated to v2.2
ML on VCF – looks cool, but states it REQUIRES VCF, and has lots of prerequisites…

Upcoming Conferences
Boston VMUG – Boston, MA 9/25
Microsoft Ignite – Orlando, FL 10/4-10/8
VMworld 2019 EMEA – Barcelona, Spain 11/4-11/7
AWS re:Invent – Las Vegas, NV 12/2-12/6
VeeamOn – Las Vegas, NV 5/4 – 5/6 (2020)
VMworld 2020 – San Francisco, CA 8/30-9/3