Virtual Updates 2019-09-30

VMware Tools 11.0 is out!
So VMware Tools has been released separately from ESXi hosts for a while now. Still, a lot of people miss out on this information.
Well, Tools 11.0 is out, & I’m getting ready to run it in the lab this first weekend.
You can find the download here.
Release Notes are here.
Grab the offline VIB add it to Update Manager, and use Update Manager to distribute to your ESXi hosts (so VMs can be updated).

VMware vROPs – The community Reference Guide
Came across this great collection for vROPs on GitHub.
Kudos to the community putting this together.
VMworld sessions, documentation, books, training, HOLs sessions, Twitter Handles……

VMware on Oracle Cloud?
Yup. Just like on AWS and Azure and IBM….
Still…my personal thoughts is that most folks are trying to LEAVE Oracle, not get tighter with them.
Great that they offer it, but I’d be interested to see how many choose this option….
Oracle states that they now support running their workloads on VMware.
They technically always have.
What I want to see is Oracle not bullying people running VMs to license every possible CPU Socket in the datacenter when running their workloads in a single cluster….
VMware did a blog post here.
VMware News Release is here.
Michael Webster’s thoughts are here.

VMware CNS (Cloud Native Storage)
I missed this one previously.
This is a nice description of how CNS is used in vSphere.
If the slide is right, answers the unknown I had about whether this was going to be vSAN only, or will it include VMFS/NFS (it does include).
The second thing this validated, is everyone with vSphere Standard or higher licensing is entitled to this feature (once you are at 6.7 u3).
Blog Post is here.

VMware – Tuning vMotion for shorter Migration Times
Niels Hagoort recently posted on methods of tuning vMotion, especially when using 25, 40, or 100-GbE.
His explanation of being bound by a CPU core is nice and simple (this doesn’t hurt 10-GbE consumers).
Also focusing on using a Single NIC for vMotion, with multiple vMotion VMkernels (as you read it, it will easily make sense).
VMware Blog post is here.

VMware NSX-T – Recoverability
This is well done.
How do you make sure you can recover your NSX-T environment, should the worst thing happen? What happens when the 3 nodes providing your the management plane disappear? How about just 1 or 2 of those nodes?
This writeup goes into it, and focuses on the application backup of NSX-T.

VMware NSX-T 2.5 released
The introduction of NSX Intelligence 1.0, and its within the NSX Manager!
Release Notes are here.
Want to read the Reference Design Guide for NSX-T?
Blog post is here, and link to the PDF download is here.
How about the NSX-T & EUC Design Guide?
Blog post is here, and link to the PDF download is here.
Blog Post about NSX Intelligence is here.
Want to see how to deploy NSX Intelligence, and how it collects and presents the data? Great blog post here.
Want a Container Plugin to help with mapping of Containers and Kubernetes Cluster options?
Check out the release notes to the new Plugin.

VMware Skyline 2.2 Release
This updates adds 2 key features…Root password expiration (same thing as the vCenter VAMI Root Password settings), as well as the option to use your own CA certificate.
Upgrade via the Auto-Upgrade, or Upgrade via the VAMI.
VMware Blog post is here.

VMware vRNI (vRealize Network Insight) 5.0 released
SD-WAN (VeloCloud) support.
Azure Support.
Kubernets support (service to service, pod to pod).
Release Notes are here.

VMware Horizon View 7.10 Released
Good new that it supports even the latest vSphere release 6.7.0 u3 right out of the gate.
Windows 10 Support for: 1607, 1703, 1803, 1809, 1903, 1909.
Don’t forget to upgrade your clients…. 5.2 is out.
Also updated is the rest of the stack….
Release Notes are here.
Horizon Client Release Notes are here.
An 18 minute YouTube on View 7.10 & Client 5.2 what’s new.

VMware UAG (Unified Access Gateway) 3.7
Larger VMs supported, better Windows SSO for multi-domain environments.
Release notes are here.

VMware DEM (Dynamic Environment Manager) 9.9
With a new name (from User Environment Manager) to differentiate it from the other UEM (Unified Endpoint Management), things should be good (but dammit, there is another DEM in the VMware stack in the current vRA!).
Release Notes are here.

VMware AppVolumes 2.18
Looks like you’ll be able to do rolling upgrades of AppVolumes servers after you get this release installed.
Release notes are here.

VMware vROPs for Horizon 6.6
This supports all implementation of Horizon from 7.6 up.
This supports vROPs 6.7, 7.0, and 7.5!
Release Notes are here.

VMware Flings of note
vSAN Performance Monitor
Pretty self explanatory…it is an OVA. I expect to see this in vROPs soon.
VMware OS Optimization Tool for View
Updated on 9/21/2019.

VMware Cloud on AWS – NSX Networking & Security eBook
Made available back in August.
I missed this somehow….here it is now

Nutanix ERA 1.1.1 released
This seems to be gaining traction quickly.
ERA is the Nutanix offering for DBaaS (database as a service).
Oracle updates, and SQL Server on Windows Server 2019.

DellEMC VxRail 4.7.300 improvements
Will this new release, one thing that looks cool is the updated Physical View that is part of the vCenter HTML5 client.
This blog post covers this 1 improvement.

Upcoming Conferences
Microsoft Ignite – Orlando, FL 10/4-10/8
VMworld 2019 EMEA – Barcelona, Spain 11/4-11/7
VeeamON Virtual Event – online 11/20
AWS re:Invent – Las Vegas, NV 12/2-12/6
VeeamOn – Las Vegas, NV 5/4 – 5/6 (2020)
Cisco Live! – Las Vegas, NV 5/31 – 6/4 (2020)
HPE Discover – Las Vegas, NV 6/23-6/25 (2020)
VMworld 2020 – San Francisco, CA 8/30-9/3 (2020)