Virtual Updates 2019-11-11

VMworld 2019 Europe has wrapped up this past week.
So has MS Ignite 2019.
Lots of good announcements, some of the ones I found most exciting are below…..
AWS re:Invent 2019 is coming up in a few weeks!
A Veeam online event is next week….

VMworld -Security, Project Pacific & Project Tanzu
Was able to find some pretty good summaries of these from VMworld.
(sorry that they are embedded in Twitter, but these are all short & sweet)
Tanzu Mission Control in 82 seconds
Project Pacific in 97 seconds
NSX Intelligence in 72 seconds
NSX + AppDefense + Carbon Black in 102 seconds
Workspace ONE + Carbon Black in 132 seconds
…and of course, William Lam has already posted his VMworld 2019 EU direct playback & download URLs for all VMworld sessions

vCenter / Skyline – Upgrade Checker & Validation
Skyline had a VMware Blog post on this.
VMworld Europe sessions highlighted this within vCenter.
Software Interoperability checks to be performed in vCenter /Skyline.
Upgrades processes (when you have multiple products) & sequence provided.
To me, this means less time spent int he VMware Interoperability Matrix, and less risk in performing updates / upgrades.
Can’t wait to see that feature become reality.
Even still…..we’ll have to upgrade the old way to get to a point where these checks and validations are done for us….THEN the NEXT upgrade will be easier.

vROPs – Expiring Certificates
Saw this in my inbox this week. First I’ve heard about it….
Replace expired internal certificate in vROPs 6.3 & later
Sounds like anyone who’s deployed vROPs should check this out….
Apparently, the certificates expire on 11/19/19?
Simple check and fix in the linked VMware KB article.
This could be for things deployed as late as 8.0 (possibly)?

Kubernetes in 50 days
One of the WEI team forwarded this over to me.
Great find from Azure, which is learning Kubernetes over 50 days.
Free PDF download, that links to the content referenced.
Yes, you could do this in a few days, but it’s broken up into small tasks to accomplish over 50 days.

VMware Skyline Health for vSAN
Nice to know.
This VMware Blog post covers it.
Nothing major in the post, just that Skyline is getting deeper into the vSAN part of the SDDC.

vRA Cloud Assembly – Load Balancer & NSX-T
Are you already consuming Cloud Assembly, or playing with vRA 8?
This is a VMware Blog post on the consumption of NSX-T load balancers (with 1 or 2 legs as needed).
Might not be for the masses just yet, but a nice write up on how to consume.
Long post, but it covers many options….

NSX – Distributed IDS/IPS
Anyone could have figured with all the security acquisitions VMware has had recently, that this was coming.
This VMware Blog post is the announcement.
I’ll be looking to see how & when this comes to light….

NSX Cloud – Agent or Agentless Operations
With different ways to manage NSX-T 2.5 (current), it provides options.
This VMware Blog post covers a few use cases and examples, including usage in AWS and Azure usage.
Not only that, but this post adds links to continue your learning from YouTube videos (40), HOL, and such.

Workpace ONE – Free Courses for UEM (Unified Endpoint Management)
Came across this the other day.
Lot of activity at WEI around the Workspace ONE offerings, and this is a nice touch for those looking to get into the AirWatch pieces of Workspace ONE (which is the UEM piece).
Seven courses.
Haven’t yet taken them, but it is in my todo list….

Workspace ONE for Microsoft Endpoint Management for Win10
That’s a mouthful of a product name….
From the VMware EUC blog, this came out during VMworld.
Short version? Will be available mid-2020, and provide deeper Microsoft integration within the Workspace ONE UEM console.

vROPs 8.0 – What’s New
I know I posted about this last time, but this VMware Blog post highlights some of the new features in vROPs nicely.
Covers some of the custom Service Discovery features, reviews app management, and of course what-if scenarios.

vROPs 8.0 – Showback Costing Reports
I like this one. Used to be right in vRealize Business.
Straightforward, Showback Report for how much a VM costs.
Give this custom report a try from the vROPs sample exchange.

vROPs – VxRail Management Pack
From mapping the solution to the metrics specific to vSAN, this management pack is pretty straightforward.
If you are using VxRail, and you have vROPs (every vSAN user should have vROPs), then this is a no brainer to get when it is released.

VMware VCF – Building it Nested
For those that want to play with VCF, but don’t have access to a lot of hardware to make it work, this post is for you!
Giuliano Bertello did a nice write up on this.
Looking to have this running by end of month in the WEI labs…..

Visual Studio Code – Kuberenetes extension
Using Visual Studio Code?…and Kubernetes?
No brainer here….check out this new GitHub repository

VMware Flings of Note
vCenter Event Broker Appliance – enable IFTTT within vCenter.
Cross vCenter Workload Migration – gets an update
Kubewise – Simple multi-platform desktop client for Kubernetes

Nutanix – Certified to run EPIC
Any healthcare organization that uses EPIC can now utilize Nutanix to support the application.
Nutanix Announcement here.

Nutanix AHV – VM HA
Magnus Andersson has written a paper on AHV VMs & HA.
This blog post covers the highlights of the topic.
Nice, short 5 minute read on the topic.

Nutanix Clusters – Running Nutanix in the Cloud
Steve Kaplan had a great writeup on this…
Many of you are familiar with VMware on AWS (at least in concept).
That is what Nutanix Clusters can be, but it has some differentiators.
Runs natively in AWS VPC, can be powered down and “hibernate” until you need it…. Good 5 minute read.

Nutanix Calm 2.9 Released
New features for those using Calm, or exploring it.
Release notes are on the Nutanix Portal.

Cisco UCS Platform Emulator 4.0 released
For those that want to practice with the UCS platform, this emulator has been pretty good.
Version 4 was recently released.
Announcement in Cisco community is here.

Upcoming Conferences
VeeamON Virtual Event – online 11/20
AWS re:Invent – Las Vegas, NV 12/2-12/6
VeeamOn – Las Vegas, NV 5/4 – 5/6 (2020)
Cisco Live! – Las Vegas, NV 5/31 – 6/4 (2020)
HPE Discover – Las Vegas, NV 6/23-6/25 (2020)
VMworld 2020 – San Francisco, CA 8/30-9/3 (2020)
VMworld 2020 – Barcelona 11/9-11/2 (2020)