Virtual Updates 2021-07-26

VDI Design Guide Part II – released!
Currently only in paperback….
Johan van Amersfoort has released Part 2 of his amazing book, the VDI Design Guide. Just released, it’s already on the way to my house for Sumer reading list.
Johan’s page, announcing the release.
Link to the book on Amazon

Containers in the Cloud – what are your options?
came across this post, and thought I would share.
Not everyone is familiar with all the options out there, and this post covers AWS, Azure, and GCP offerings as well as hybrid options.
That being said…. orchestration of all these workloads, security, and access need something to make life easier, regardless of where the workloads run…
That is what VMware Tanzu (specifically Tanzu Mission Control) is about.

ESXi Boot from SAN -did you clone your boot volume?
If you did, you may end up with a nasty surprise….
VMware is aware, and has KB 84349 to cover this.
The workaround is published there, and if you do happen to clone the boot drives in a boot from SAN environment, maybe add this to your workflow.

VMware vSphere Snapshots – Performance & Best Practices
This document was released in June 2021.
A short, 17 page document….with details on the testing environment, and a lot of performance related results.
I think the paper is really short on Best Practices though….
Direct Link to the PDF is here.

VMware Skyline – What’s New
Skyline is a tool that nearly all of us should have deployed, if running a VMware environment. Yes, even if you have vSphere 7, this is a bit more than what’s included in the vCenter on this release, AND it touches a lot more products that are probably in your environment.
You are entitled to use Skyline, so long as you have support.
Check out what’s new in the latest release.
BE AWARE…if you are running the 2.1 version (or older), it will stop functioning (reporting) July 31, 2021.

VMware Horizon 2106 -General Availability & What’s New
Reading through some of this…there are lots of new features I can see being useful.
No more reinstall of Horizon Agent after VMware Tools upgrade.
Screen capture blocking.
Non-trusted Domain desktops
Burst vCenter resources
8k monitor support
VMware Techzone, 27 minute video on what’s new.
Release Notes are here.
VMware Blog post is here.

vRealize 8.5 – What’s New
Well, it’s an announcement, but no real details, just a few notes on a handful of features.
vROPs 8.5 is available, vRLI 8.4.1 is available, vRA 8.4.2 is available, vRNI 6.3 is available. Weird how its not all 8.5….
VMware Blog post is here.

vCloud Director 10.3 is available
I know, not everyone can use vCD….
Release Notes are here.

VMware DEM & Zoom
If you want to manage Zoom with VMware DEM (Dynamic Environment Manager), found a post covering recommendations & DEM config.
Community Post is here

FSLogix 2105 is generally available
So most folks have some level of Microsoft licensing, and you may already own FSLogix. If you aren’t familiar, it is a user profiles management tool.
I know quite a few folks using it, especially when talking about VDI/EUC solutions.
Microsoft Announcement is here.

Pure Storage’s take on Dell Mid-Range PowerStore
Stating that this is one vendor’s take on another…..
I do love the first part of this post….it covers the history (at a high level) of how Enterprise Storage came be be from the early 1990s to the mid-late 2000s.

Why Every IT Admin Should Get Comfortable with Scripts and APIs
That is the title of the post I came across.
I completely agree with the take that and admin should be comfortable with CLI, scripting, and APIs.
Don’t worry…I’m still weak with API consumption myself, but I’ve been very comfortable with CLI for ages, and scripting for more than a decade (though the languages changes).

Continuing Education – a list of resources that come with references (of people who have used those sites and are happy with the results).
Nutanix .NEXT – September 20-23 (Virtual Event)
VMworld – October 5-7 (Virtual Event)
HashiCorp Learn
Nutanix University
PluralSight / A Cloud Guru (PluralSight purchased A Cloud Guru)
VeeamOn 2021 – recordings
VMware Customer Connect Learning (old VMware Learning Zone)
VMware Hands On Labs