Virtual Updates 2021-09-06

ESXi using SD/USB for Boot Volume
In vSphere 7.0, there have been some issues with SD/USB boot drives getting corrupted. Read from certain blogs, that the latest update 2c would resolve this.
Now, hearing that this is deprecated in future releases….
Differing opinions on whether this is good or bad.
Opinions do not matter though, as this VMware KB 85615 states:
(post has been removed)
Another peer, Christian Mohn had a post about this as well.
Well, I guess I’ll keep with the recommendations I’ve been making since 7.0 was released….transition your boot drives to SSD or NVMe is you need your ESXi hosts to run 7.x, or leave them at 6.7 till hardware refresh is possible.

VMworld 2022 – announced
VMworld has been virtual in 2020 and 2021 (for obvious reasons).
On the current main page of VMworld, under the General section….
It shows the dates for VMworld 2022 US in San Francisco.
It shows the dates for VMworld 2022 Europe Fira Gran Via in Barcelona, Spain.

vSphere 7 update 2 Performance Best Practices
Found the latest guide here.

vSphere 7.0.2 Update 2c released.
(is is 7.0.0 u2c, or is it 7.0.2 update C?)
This should be the one that fixes the USB/SD card bug….
vCenter Release Notes are here.
ESXi Release Notes are here.

NSX-V & NSX-T versions updated
Tons of bug fixes….
Read the notes, if you use NSX-V, as the upgrade has some requirements to complete before you upgrade…
NSX-V 6.4.11 Release Notes are here.
NSX-T Release Notes are here.

VCF 4.3 is released
A few enhancements, but more importantly, bringing up the supported versions of the included software to current releases.
Release Notes are here.

VMware HCX 4.2 released
Lots of focus on improving predictions for vMotion operations.
Release Notes are here.
VMware Blog post is here.

vSphere 7 (update2) Native Key Provider
Need to use vTPM for your VMs?
You probably have a proper KMS solution in place already then, to enable vTPM, VM encryption, and vSAN encryption.
In vSphere 7 update 2, a “Native Key Provider” is part of vSphere, VMware feels it is good for production environments (think through your HA/BC/Recovery/DR plans though).
This 13 minute YouTube video with Mike Foley & Bob Plankers (two VMware employees I respect greatly) go over some of the differences and why you might use this. Great discussion, right to the point, and covers the uses & trade offs.

VMware Flings
NUMA Observer – Does what it says… v1.0

IBM 1401 Mainframe Simulator
Came across this, and even though I have no immediate intentions of using it, thought it was cool that someone started this project.

VMworld recommendations
From folks I follow…
Getting Started with vSphere with Tanzu [MCL1648]
The Fast Path to Kubernetes with VMware Tanzu [APP1630]
Deep Dive on vSphere with Tanzu Updates [APP2063]
The Future of VM Provisioning – Enabling VM Lifecycle through Kubernetes [APP1564]
Johan van Amersfoot
Graham Barker
Duncan Epping
Cormac Hogan
Phoebe Kim
Sam McGeown

Continuing Education – a list of resources that come with references (of people who have used those sites and are happy with the results).
Nutanix .NEXT – September 20-23 (Virtual Event)
VMworld 2021 – October 5-7 (Virtual Event)
VMworld 2022 – August 28 – Sept 1 (San Francisco, CA)
HashiCorp Learn
Kode Kloud
Nutanix University
PluralSight / A Cloud Guru (PluralSight purchased A Cloud Guru)
VeeamOn 2021 – recordings
VMware Customer Connect Learning (old VMware Learning Zone)
VMware Hands On Labs