Virtual Updates 2021-12-13

missed an update on 11-29
Not like me…but with thanksgiving, a few personal things going on…
TOTALLY understandable to me why I missed this update…

vSphere 7.0 Update 3, Update 3a, Update 3b – ALL PULLED!
So I’m starting to the vSphere Update 3.x is worse than vSphere 5.1!
Its been < 40 days.
3 separate Update 3 releases…..all pulled from the web.
What a horrible time to be building 4 x new environments for prod.
VMware…you need to fix your QA for the benefit of us all!
VMware KB 86398 goes into this in detail.

Apache Log4j Vulernability!!!
This is going to be impactful to all of us.
A post about the vulnerability, how it works, & some temporary mitigations.
A Github repository to search for the exploit.
…and Log4Shell is another exploitation of it.
Hope those retailers out there are taking an emergency change request!
Well, here’s VMware’s list of affected products….start doing the workarounds!!!
I wonder what kind of week this will be for software vendors…..

VMware Skyline Pro!
OK, I guess a Pro name means its better 😉
Remember…you are entitled to this when you have VMware Support.
VMware Blog post is here.
November Update is here.

NHTSA – Recalls by VIN
Ever wonder if your car has been recalled, for whatever reason?
Found this page, & figured I’d share!
(is it a pain to get your 17 digit VIN, yea, but you only need to type it once)

Your Google History
Ever want to see all your activity via Google?
Go to
Kinda spooky…

VM… vCPU Sockets vs Cores…
I have this conversation all the time.
Frank Denneman has recently posted a GREAT set of info regarding this setting.
My recommendation, given Frank’s thoughts….
ALWAYS go with CPU sockets (for 99% of your VMs).
There is a need to mix Sockets & Cores, but that is the exception!!!!

VMware NSX-T 3.2 released!
Another update.
Lots of improvements, but in different areas.
VMware Blog post is here.

Horizon View 2111
Just released.
VMware View Release Notes are here.
VMware Blog post is here.

VMware DEM w/Workspace ONE! …profiles do not need UNC paths!!!!
So you now can manage profiles without SMB shares. AWESOME!!!
VMware Techzone notes are here.

VMware View “Desktop Recording” now available
In View 2011, a new server type exists….Recording Server
This will record the VDI session, and save it on a server.
I know there are quite a few orgs that need this.
VMware Blog post is here.

Horizon View 8 ESB (Extended Service Branch)
This is cool….planned updates!
Quite a list
VMware KB 96477 covers it here.

Horizon View SVGA driver issues
Ever get burned by updating your Horizon Agent, and then having to reinstall VMware Tool yet again?
VMware KB 2078739 covers the problem & resolution.
Of note…it states that Horizon View 2111 no longer has this issue!
It resolves the issue by removing the SVGA driver from Horizon View Agent.

ESXi vSwitch Loop Prevention
Got asked this in a past vSphere class I was teaching.
Couldn’t remember the answer, and promised a follow up to the group.
This post looks accurate (just search for loop once you get there).

Need VMware Eval Licenses
Partners used to have some eval keys we could share with our customers.
That program is gone now, and sometimes, its a struggle to find the right link to get an eval.
Here is the VMware Eval main page.

AWS Outage? – perhaps someone didn’t design for failure
Running applications in the cloud is fine, I get it.
But assuming that the cloud will never go down….not a good design choice.
Everything fails at some point.
Boston Fox 25 even took notice this week.
Remember, design for the failures, and you wouldn’t be affected like this.
AWS Summary of the event.

Nutanix MSP (MicroServices Platform) 2.3.4 released
Other than a cool version #, starting to see Prism Central starting to break up into Microservices! This will be really cool, once the transition is complete.
Release Notes are here (requires Nutanix Login).

Nutanix – Improving existing Clusters?
Yup…it’s a software world!
This detailed Nutanix Blog post goes into how the changes of kernels for the CVM have improved IOs for Nutanix customers that are using the appropriate version of AOS.
Just remember, they get into the weeds on this post.

Continuing Education – a list of resources that come with references (of people who have used those sites and are happy with the results).
VMworld 2022 – August 28 – Sept 1 (San Francisco, CA)
HashiCorp Learn
Kode Kloud
Nutanix University
PluralSight / A Cloud Guru (PluralSight purchased A Cloud Guru)
VeeamOn 2021 – recordings or William Lam’s Direct Links
VMware Customer Connect Learning (old VMware Learning Zone)
VMware Hands On Labs
VMworld Sessions (2020 & 2019)