Virtual Updates 2023-03-06

Latest Microsoft Patch can leave VMs unbootable
Just ran across this myself in the lab I teach vSphere Workshops.
All of the Windows VMs are Windows Server 2022.
I patched them all and rebooted the VMs during the patching (as normal).
After shutting them all down to do a backup (yes, that’s my process for the lab), I completed the backup.
Powering on the VMs left me with a message
“Windows Boot Manager…Security Violation”
I could get them to boot, but I had to disable Secure Boot in the Boot Options section of the VM’s settings.
Wouldn’t you know it, it’s a problem with ESX 6.7 or 7.0.
ESXi 8.0 is unaffected.
Resolution is to upgrade ESXi 7.0 to Update 3k (released Feb 21).
Which means I updated my vCenter first.
Once updated to ESXi 7.0 Update 3k, Windows 2022 booted up just fine.
VMware KB 90947 is here.

More Ransomware for ESXi…
…and here is CISA’s guidance on ESXiArgs

vCenter 7 Update 3k released
vCenter release notes are here.

ESXi 7 Update 3k released
ESXi release notes are here.

NSX 4.1 released
Lots of fixes and a few new capabilities.
NSX 4.1 Release Notes are here.

HCX 4.6 released
Blog post is here.
HCX 4.6 release notes are here.

Skyline Collector 3.3 & Advisor Pro released
VMware Blog post is here.

Virtualizing MS SQL Server on vSphere 8 Guide
VMware Blog post is here.
Direct link to VMware Tech Zone article here.
Lots of little improvements

VMware getting into the Database Service
Looks like this is going to be very similar to what
NDB (Nutanix Database Service) delivers today.
VMware site link to VMware Data Services Manager here.

Password Managers….why & how
So these links are from 1Password.
I am biased, as I am a longtime 1Password user.
Even if you DON’T use 1Password, much of the content still applies to the logical discussion of “why use a password manager”.
a link to 1Password’s site, covering the basics of why use a password manager.
With all the LastPass headaches folks have had over the last few months, here’s another one on LastPass, where a senior staffer “lost control” over the vault.
…and here is 1Password’s list of how to migrate from multiple sources

Nutanix Cloud Platform
With all the changes in licensing (from oh so many vendors), Nutanix is no exception here.
Products renames, new licensing models, you get the idea.
My Nutanix SE’s sent me this link when I was asking detailed licensing questions.
Covers NCI (which is the Nutanix Cluster itself).
(I’d say 90%+ of my conversations start at NCI Pro licensing)
Covers NCM (which is Prism Central licensing).
(I’d say 90%+ of my conversation start at NCM Pro licensing).
There are other add ons, and they depend on the use case.

Continuing Education – a list of resources that come with references
(of people who have used those sites & are happy with the results).
VMware Explore 2023 -Aug 21-Aug 24 (Las Vegas, NV)
Nutanix .NEXT 2023 – May 9-10 (Chicago, IL)
HashiCorp Learn
Kode Kloud
Nutanix University
PluralSight / A Cloud Guru (PluralSight purchased A Cloud Guru)
VMware Customer Connect Learning (old VMware Learning Zone)
VMware Hands On Labs
VMware Explore 2022 (sessions)
VMware Explore VMTN Sessions (vBrownBag)
VCDX Mentoring Series