Virtual Updates 2023-03-20

VMware Horizon View 7 – end of support
…is coming very soon.
If you are still running it, be aware end of support is:
April 30, 2023
VMware Blog post highlighting this is here.

vSphere (and vSAN) 8.0 Update 1
Coming very soon.
Okta support for iDP!!!!
vSphere Configuration Profiles!!! (DSC for Image based clusters)
Skyline Health Diagnostics built into vCenter (probably a larger download).
VMware Blog post on vSphere 8 Update 1 is here.
VMware Blog post on vSAN 8 Update 1 is here.

vSphere 7 STIG Guides available
Took 3 years, but they are finally here.
VMware Blog post is here.

VMware Tools – VMware’s guidance
Much of this information used to be available scattered in the documentation.
Nice to see it clearly stated.
Note… open-vm-tools is the preferred way for Linux.
Since open-vm-tools is typically part of the Linux distro, update with OS tools (like apt upgrade).
PowerCLI samples to query & update at next reboot.
VMware Blog post is here.

Commodore64 Fans rejoice!
The Internet Archive has the Commodore64 Library available!
Not every single tape ever made, but lots of them available!!!

AsBuilt – Documenting your datacenter
Quite a few updates in the past few months.
PowerShell scripts meant to document your environment & generate a report.
DellEMC, Microsoft, NetApp, Nutanix, Pure Storage, Rubrik, Veeam, & VMware
This is worth the effort to learn the AsBuilt tool (doesn’t take THAT long).

Home Office – the VCDX Way
Derek Seaman recently wrote a blog post on updating his home office, as well as all the gear to connect his house.
Great write up, covering the logic behind the choices made.
Pretty sweet office!

Nutanix Ansible & Terraform March 2023 update
Version 1.8 is released.
NDB support too!
Nutanix Post is here.

Nutanix AOS upgrade leaves files unable to deploy?
In the lab, I’m always playing with the newest updates of software.
Ran into this issue after an AOS update.
Wouldn’t you know it…it was already a know issue, with a resolution.
Kudos to Nutanix posting this fix.

Continuing Education – a list of resources that come with references
(of people who have used those sites & are happy with the results).
VMware Explore 2023 -Aug 21-Aug 24 (Las Vegas, NV)
Nutanix .NEXT 2023 – May 9-10 (Chicago, IL)
HashiCorp Learn
Kode Kloud
Nutanix University
PluralSight / A Cloud Guru (PluralSight purchased A Cloud Guru)
VMware Customer Connect Learning (old VMware Learning Zone)
VMware Hands On Labs
VMware Explore 2022 (sessions)
VMware Explore VMTN Sessions (vBrownBag)
VCDX Mentoring Series