Virtual Updates 2023-08-07

Heading to VMware Explore?
Lots of things to check out….
My Session on “vSphere Cluster Design – Why It’s More Important Than Ever”
If you are working towards your VCDX (or thinking about it), join the VCDX Workshop on Monday.
If you are already a VCDX, make sure to attend the VCDX Town Hall on Monday.

AMD CPU Vulnerability needs patching now!
If your run AMD, just do a sanity check, and apply patches if needed.
Saw this post on Security Weekly.

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Virtual Updates 2023-06-28

VMware Tools CVE – Time to update
People always ask…is it important to update VMware Tools?
For Windows VMs, you have to orchestrate the update (there are many different ways to do this).
For any linux distros using open-vm-tool (the recommended way), use your appropriate package manager to update it.
VMware CVE post is here.

VMware vCenter 7 & 8 – updated releases
vCenter Server software just got a point upgrade for both vSphere 7 & vSphere 8.
VMware vCenter 7.0 Update 3M release notes are here.
VMware vCenter 8.0 Update 1a release notes are here.

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Virtual Updates 2023-05-29

vBrownBag Tech Talks at VMware Explore 2023
Spoke with Alastair Cooke about this.
Time to get your community tech talks submitted!!!

IT Architect Series: Stories from the Field Vol2 released!
This has been in the works longer than I would have liked, but Vol2 is now available on Lulu, our publisher site (as in today!)
This makes 5 books now in the IT Architect Series!

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Virtual Updates 2023-05-15

VMs, Containers, or Serverless?
Lots of folks have been talking about this online.
Amazon Prime Video has moved from Serverless, back to EC2 Images.
The reason was cost.
Just goes to show, that you need to use the right tool for the job, and that just because that’s the way you have/are doing it, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t review your options.
A post from InfoQ discussing this is here.

VMware Aria Migration
This looks to be about multi-cloud, and running your workloads in the appropriate cloud.
This initial release is focused only on assessing your environment…and they state that this part is free (not sure if it will remain that way).
The next two phases of release will add planning & execution.
This is interesting, as it looks like a combination of pieces of other offerings.
Have to see how this plays out, but it looks interesting.
VMware Blog post is here.

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vLCM & Nested ESXi vSAN clusters

Working with Nested ESXi clusters, using vSAN, is a pretty common thing for folks to do in their lab environments.
Easy to reset, provision, and keep a lab going.

One of the nuances I always would run into since vSphere 7 was released, was the new vLCM (vSphere Lifecycle Manager).
When migrating to “Image Based Management” I had problems upgrading my Nested ESXi hosts running vSAN, as a HCL (Hardware Compatibility List) check was done, and no….Paravirtual SCSI adapters are not supported.

I keep saying I would look into this, but since this environment I run gets reset ever couple weeks, never got around to it.
I had a day of downtime recently, and got around to resolving this….

Whenever I would try to update the Image for the cluster, I would get “the host is imcompatible with the image.”
I would then check the Device Compatibility warning, which showed me that the VMware Paravirtual SCSI card was not “supported”.
But I didn’t see an “easy button” that said “This is a home lab…this is OK to bypass”.

The simple answer is to go to the Cluster’s Monitor tab, vSAN section, Skyline Health. Then select SCSI Controller is VMware Certified, & finally, Silence the Alert.

After doing this, you SHOULD be able to then upgrade your Nested vSAN cluster…